The following areas in particular are on our agenda for the coming term:


1. Communication: information and networking

The JGU website provides a wide range of helpful information on all aspects of a doctorate – in a number of different places. We plan to bundle this information on our homepage so that it becomes a central point for all PhD-related questions. In this context, we as PhD representatives (DoV) will not be providing services ourselves but rather offering assistance in finding information and support. 

Our work also aims to promote networking opportunities for interested doctoral candidates. We are planning a number of events for this purpose, such as the “Stammtisch meetup that has already been launched, but also other formats through which exchanges on a scientific and personal level can be initiated and cultivated. In particular, we find the interdisciplinary exchange within the DoV extremely enriching. 


2. General conditions for the doctorate

Whether a doctorate is completed successfully depends to a large extent on its general conditions: funding, the availability of resources (workspaces, access to research material, training opportunities, etc.) and family-friendly policies. According to the constructive motto "There is always something to do", we dedicate our work to continuously improving these and other conditions. For this, we engage in exchange and cooperation with the various responsible offices within the university and represent the interests of doctoral candidates in committees.


3. Teaching

Teaching at the university level represents an important aspect of this qualification phase for many doctoral candidates. Teaching load, access to teaching experience, and compensation vary widely between disciplines and faculties. Here, the interdepartmental collaboration of the DoV represents an opportunity to learn from each other and further optimize the conditions for all doctoral candidates. In particular, our focus is on access to continuing professional development opportunities in the area of tertiary education.