Faculty 10

Contact: PhDs10@uni-mainz.de

FB10 (Biologie) is currently represented by:


Joshua Klein – Biologie

As part of the research group of Prof. Dr. Uwe Wolfrum (IMP), I am investigating the Usher syndrome. In this rare genetic disease, most patients develop combined deafness and blindness. Using animal and cell culture models, I am exploring novel gene therapy approaches to counteract the progressive blindness of patients. Within the DoV I use my communication skills to represent the interests of the faculty and to create the best possible working environment for us PhD students.


Florian HofBiologie

I work in the research group of Prof. Dr. Eva Wolf (IMP/IMB) and do structural biological and biochemical research on the molecular interaction of proteins, which play an important role in the circadian clock. In the DoV, I would like to contribute to the design of the website and draft the rules of procedure at the beginning.