Faculty 02

Kontakt: PhDs02@uni-mainz.de

FB02 (Social Sciences, Media and Sports) is currently represented by:

Julia Kathy GrobSports Education and Didactics

My name is Julia Kathy Grob and I am currently writing my PhD in the field of sports education and didactics on the topic of young people's interest in sport. I am involved in the doctoral student representation in order to address current problems and needs of doctoral students and thus work together with the other representatives on the further development of a doctoral situation that is as pleasant and appealing as possible. My main function in the doctoral student representation is to participate in the Senate as an advisory member and to represent our interests in the monthly meetings.

Luisa HeynSports Education and Didactics

My name is Luisa Heyn, and since August 2023 I have been working as a phd student and research assistant at Faculty 02 in the Institute of Sports Science, more precisely in the Department of Sports Education and Didactics. In this position, I am part of an exciting project that deals with the development of concepts for further training and teaching counselling concepts. Our focus is on how digital media can be effectively integrated into PE lessons, particularly in the area of dance.

Parallel to my work in this project, I am also working on my dissertation. My research interest lies in the influence of aesthetic-cultural dance education on the self-esteem and body image of people with body image disorders such as obesity and anorexia.

As a member of the phd council, I endeavour to actively advocate for the interests of my fellow doctoral students. In particular, I would like to work towards making it easier to start a doctorate and to provide new doctoral students with the best possible support.