Faculty 04

Contact: PhDs04@uni-mainz.de

FB04 (Universitätsmedizin) is currently represented by:


Eleonore Roggemann [she/her] – Humanmedizin

I graduated my M2 in autumn 2021 and am just finishing my PhD before entering the PJ. I am doing a statistical doctoral thesis in nuclear medicine (monograph). For me, being active in the doctoral students' representation means campaigning for the improvement of the framework conditions for medical doctoral theses! I'm also looking forward to getting to know university committee work and actively participating in it myself.


Magnus Günther [he/him] – Humanmedizin

I start my practical year in May 2022 and have been doing a doctoral thesis in a laboratory in the field of tropical paediatrics in the paediatric immunology and infectiology group since the end of 2020. For this, I did research in Mwanza, Tanzania from May to November 2021. The doctoral students' representation is a new way to advocate for the interests of doctoral students. I am extremely pleased to take on responsibility in this area.


Fiona A. Forth [she/her] – Humanmedizin

I am about to complete my M2 and am currently taking a three-year break from my studies (April 2020-June 2023) to work full-time on my PhD project in neonatal intensive care. In my clinical work, I am conducting quantitative and qualitative research (cumulative doctorate). Thanks to my funding by an interdisciplinary research training group of the German Research Foundation (DFG), I have the opportunity to train in research methods, participate in congresses or present myself. As a doctoral student representative, I would like to campaign for such opportunities to be opened up across the board for medical doctoral students interested in research. In addition, I would like to create spaces for exchange among doctoral students and advocate for health promotion during the doctoral phase.