Faculty 04

Contact: PhDs04@uni-mainz.de

FB04 (Universitätsmedizin) is currently represented by:

Payal Guliani –  Cardiology

Hey! I am Payal Guliani, and I am currently pursuing doctorate in Translational vascular biology at department of cardiology, University medical centre Mainz. My research focuses on role of protein tyrosine phosphates in TGFß signalling and End-MT.

As your PhD representative, I am deeply committed to advocating for our academic and professional needs. I believe that our doctoral journey should be as enriching and supportive as possible. To that end, I aim to enhance communication between students and faculty, provide resources for professional development and address any concerns that may arise.

I am passionate about creating a collaborative and inclusive environment where all voices are heard. Whether it’s through organising workshops, networking events, or regular meetings, I want to ensure that we all have the opportunities to grow and succeed. I look forward to working with each of you and making our doctoral experience both impactful and enjoyable. Thank you for entrusting me with this responsibility.

Aline PesiImmunology

I am Aline, 29 years old and I am doing my doctorate in medicine. I work at the Institute for Translational Immunology in coeliac disease research. I would like to work towards improving the situation of doctoral students and help to mediate in any cases of conflict.

Aaron Joshua SteinheimerAnaesthesia

I am studying medicine in my 10th semester and am one of the three newly elected doctoral student representatives. I have been doing my doctorate in the field of anaesthesia in a clinical study since the 7th semester. I am pleased to be able to work actively and team-orientated in this committee. For me, doctoral student representation means: standing up for others, accepting challenges and looking for solutions together.