Faculty 05

Contact: PhDs05@uni-mainz.de

FB05 (Philosophie und Philologie) is currently represented by:


Lena Späth [she/her] – Deutsches Institut: Historische Sprachwissenschaft des Deutschen

I research the question of how we use language to make social differentiations. My doctoral project focuses on the linguistic differentiation of humans from (other) animals. As a DoV representative, it is particularly important to me to make JGU doctoral students more visible as an interest group.



Davina Beck  Deutsches Institut: Neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft/Literaturgeschichte

My doctoral thesis is concerned with the question of how contemporary authors take up and reflect literary history in their texts. My focus is on the representation of historical writers. As a DoV representative, I would like to improve the general conditions for all PhD candidates, especially the situation of non-employed PhD candidates.