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Starting your doctorate

Our cooperation partner, the GSHS (Gutenberg Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences), has put together a catalog of info links on its doctoral information pages, which is dedicated to the following questions:

  • Why (or why not) do a doctorate?
  • I am interested in doing a doctorate at the JGU. How do I get started?
  • What status do I have as a doctoral student at the JGU?
  • How do I go about finding a supervisor?
  • What issues can/should be addressed in the initial conversations at the beginning of the mentoring relationship?
  • Do I need a supervision agreement and if so, how do I go about getting one?
  • How can supervisory meetings proceed?
  • Structured doctoral programme or individual doctorate?
  • Structured doctoral programmes in the humanities and social sciences at the JGU
  • Which doctoral studies fields are available at the JGU, and which one is right for me?
  • How long does it take on average to complete a doctorate?

Click here for the information page.


Foreign certificate?

The JGU offers a guideline for doctorate candidates with foreign certificates.