Faculty 07

Contact: PhDs07@uni-mainz.de

FB07 (Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften) is currently represented by:

Gloria Goldie NagyClassical Archaeology

My name is Goldie Nagy and I am doing my doctorate in FB07 in the Research Training Group 2304 ‘Byzantium and the Euro-Mediterranean Cultures of War. Exchange, Differentiation and Reception’ in the field of classical archaeology.

I'm involved in the PhD Representatives so that I can stand up for the interests of doctoral students in the department and in general. Doctoral students make up an irreplaceable part of the university environment, for which they deserve appreciation. I would also like to help FB07 students find their way into a doctorate.

Sait Can Kutsal – Christian Archaeology and Byzantine Art History

I am doing my doctorate on the Christianization of Crete since April 2022. There are several reasons why I am involved in the PhD Representatives. I personally experienced various problems during my doctorate and was looking for support. This is how I came into contact with the PhD Representatives. I consider a successful onboarding for newcomers as crucial. I would like to share my experiences and help to shape the future of young scientists. This is why I am already involved in the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers. I see my involvement in the PhD Representatives as complementary to my work as part of the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers. This means I can incorporate your interests directly into the committee work there.