Faculty 07

Contact: PhDs07@uni-mainz.de

FB07 (Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften) is currently represented by:


Anna HesseHistorisches Seminar: Lehrstuhl Neueste Geschichte

I'm a 90's kid: My dissertation project is about East German politicians in the 1990s. I was able to study in France for a long time and am now also doing my doctorate at JGU and at the University of Paris. In the DoV, I want to work for equal opportunities for all doctoral students. I also represent your interests in the Senate Committee on Internationalisation.


Sven Dittmar Historisches Seminar: Lehrstuhl Neuere Geschichte

In the context of my dissertation project I am dealing with accumulations of bishoprics in the Holy Roman Empire by the example of Archbishop of Mainz and Bishop of Bamberg Lothar Franz von Schönborn. I see the DoV as an opportunity to improve the framework conditions for doctoral studies in the humanities. It is also my task to stand up for your interests within the departmental council (Fachbereichsrat).