Online Workshop: Anti-bias training for early researchers

Interdisciplinary programme: Anti-bias training

03.05.2024, 10-17 h

Everyone has had personal experiences with prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination at some point in their lives. These experiences are valuable when it comes to reflecting on unconscious assumptions and norms on the one hand on the one hand and structural power relations on the other and to recognise social
recognise power and inequality relations. Academics are not exempt from this either.
are not exempt from this. The influence of unconscious presuppositions can therefore
can also affect research design and results and lead to bias effects.
lead to bias effects.
The aim of the training is therefore to initiate self-reflection with regard to one's own assumptions and widespread stereotypes, to sensitise people to the effects of stereotypes
(from stereotypes (from distortions of perception to discrimination) and thus to motivate
to question these in their own field of work - in their own research and in their
teaching - and to develop initial strategies for reducing stereotypes.
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